Exhibition view, Jamscape Insectcage, (Tokyo: Tokyo university of the arts, 2021)

ヴィジュアル・サウンドインスタレーション(32m27sec)/Visual sound installation (32m27sec, Loop)

《Jamscape Insectcage》では、二週間かけて草木を刈ってできた山あいの空間に300個もの虫かごが散らばる風景をつくった。虫かごは楼閣のように積み上げられていたり、木の枝々にひっかけられている。虫かごは一ヶ月ほど置かれ、早朝には陽光が結露した虫かごに充満し発光した。風が強い日には虫かごの楼閣は次々と崩れていった。

In “Jamscape Insectcage,” he created a landscape of 300 insect cages scattered in a space in the valley where trees and grass were cut over a period of two weeks. The insect cages were stacked like towers or hooked to the branches of trees. The insect cages were left for about a month, and in the early morning sunlight filled the condensation on the cages, making them glow. On windy days, the towers of the insect cages collapsed one by one.
Jamscape” is a word coined by the artist to mean mixing landscapes. Insect cages also evoke childhood memories for adults by containing nature, such as soil and insects. In this sense, the insect cage is a mixture of various things.
I recorded the whole process of “Jamscape” with an action camera attached to my forehead and small microphones in my ears, and used these recordings to create a visual sound installation. The recording method used in the video depicts my audiovisual experience exactly as it was. The viewer’s body feels as if it is asked to assimilate my body in the video. The sound design is by Ryuichi Ono, a musician, and the auditory space extends throughout the installation.

Archive photo and vedeo: Yosuke Nakagawa